Why websites need Hosting

admin / January 31, 2020

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Why hosting is essential for a website? Why Domain name IP addresses matter?

The domain gives your website a specific name where your potential customer can specify you. But a web hosting is essential because it provides space to your website to get saved and it lets the users access your website through the internet. Without web hosting your customer won’t reach you out. Without web hosting, you can’t get space, and you cannot publish your content because your customer won’t reach it. So, uploading them doesn’t mean anything. You can buy web hosting services from the internet.

Many hosting providers provide hosting services throughout the world, such as Bluehost and HostGator. Web hosting is related to a lease system where you pay on a monthly or yearly basis in term to get the space you need. After the time is expired, you need to renew the plan like the lease. For example, you pay a $100 for the whole year to get the hosting, and after the completion of that year, you need to renew the plan by paying $100 more.

When you upload the content, images and videos on your website, the web hosting manages all of them for you. It keeps the information maintained.

So, that’s why hosting is vital for a website. Moreover, other things matter, such as the domain and IP addresses. Because you need to stand different from other websites, so the domain name specifies it, you can share the domain name with customers, and they can reach you out with that. You have to purchase the domain name from a domain provider before the web hosting. Many websites offer domains which can be free or paid. The domain is an easy way for the customer to remember your website. You can get the domain name for the entire year at $10.

IP addresses are also necessary because it shows where your business is located. You get an IP with each server. You can get your traffic to be directed to your online store if you haven’t an IP address.

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