What is Web Hosting

admin / January 8, 2020

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What is web hosting? Why we need it? -Different types of web hosting providers:

So, what is web hosting?

In web hosting, you pay someone and ask to use their server so anyone can get access to your published articles. The web hosting can be a monthly or yearly-based paying to that person that’s up to you. You can use the features and ask for support if you need till the term of payment.

It’s not essential to ask help from a hosting provider to get you a public website. You can set up your server if your computer is connected to the internet. But it isn’t easy to set up, and we recommend using web hosting providers because they use dedicated machines to have a better performance as well as safety.

There are millions of web hosting providers. All vary in prices and services of hosting. So, you need to keep in mind that all aren’t the same. Following are some of the differences:

1)  Different prices:

The packages of all are different; some start at $2.5 a month and other at $10 a month. So, it’s up to you if you find the best hosting service at $2.5 then you can buy it but if the quality isn’t suitable don’t ever purchase it.

2)  The difference in performance:

Some provider performs better than others, and some are the worst!! There are two things when your website gets down, one is the internet speed of the potential customer, and the other is web hosting provider’s performance. So, you need to check the performance of that provider before choosing it.

3)  The difference in security:

Some providers provide better protection than others. Protection of the website is essential as the user may keep sensitive data in it, and it can be hacked, so you need to choose the best security provider.

Why we need web hosting?

It’s imperative to host your website after getting a domain name. You can get your website organised by purchasing a web hosting service. Web hosting is a storage that you are buying on a web server from the hosting providers to save your files there. Whenever a person searches your website with your domain name, he will get access to your site because of the web hosting. Without web hosting, no one will reach out your articles and content of your website.

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