What do I need to Build a Website

admin / February 20, 2020

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Do I need a Domain name or Web Hosting to run a website?

So, for the beginners, this question always comes to their minds. Because they don’t know what is a domain name and what is a web hosting? Most importantly, they can’t differentiate them. When they create a website, they have to go through these two terms, so it’s essential to know the use of both, and you’ll understand what you need to run a website?

So, answering the above question: You need both; the domain and web hosting. You can’t create and earn with a website if you haven’t a domain name and a web hosting. You can purchase the domain name for one year to specify your website. The domain name differentiates you like it put a “.com” “.info” after the name of your website. The web hosting works to save your files or the articles that you publish on google. Once, you buy the web hosting; you will have to update the settings of the domain name and then link it to the web hosting company.

You can purchase the domain name from Godaddy and Namecheap if you want to use a different website for the domain name and web hosting. The method above is when you want to buy the domain name and web hosting from different companies. But if you’re going to buy the domain name and web hosting from the same company, you can do it. Sometimes, when you buy both from the same company, it offers a domain for free for the starters.

Bluehost provides the domain name for free if you want to purchase both from it. It means you save $10-$15 so think wise to buy both. 

Moreover, the Bluehost offers a lot of discounts on web hosting too. Like you get a 60 percent off on it. Typically, web hosting costs you $7-$8 so if you get 60 percent off, you will have excellent shopping at a discounted price. So, I would recommend Bluehost to go with. There are also other companies which provide the best web hosting services, but for the beginners, Bluehost is the most recommended web hosting service provider. 

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