Five types of Hosting Plans

admin / January 23, 2020

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All kinds of hosting perform their function the same but they are different on the server setup. Following are the types of hosting plans you need to know:

1)   Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the cheapest Plan, where many small websites share a single server. It is the basic Plan which has domains, storage space, bandwidth and emails.

It has unlimited sites, storage and bandwidth. If you want to run a small business, then you can choose this Plan. But the problem is created when your website generates more traffic, you will face the slowest load times and least secure setups. So, the Plan is suitable for little traffic but worst for massive traffic.

2)   Virtual Private Server Hosting:

If you want to go for a VPS hosting, your account or website can reach out it. It’s also has sometimes the burden but it’s much better than a shared hosting. It’s an alternative to share hosting but have better modifications than it. If you have a medium-size business, you can buy this Plan.

3)   Dedicated Hosting:

It’s the expensive Plan of the hosting where the hosting dedicates the whole machine for your site. It allows all the server resources for your site only. If you have a large business, you must go for the dedicated hosting. The performance and security of hosting are fantastic.

4)   Cloud hosting:

It involves multiple machines to be connected. It is the opposite of the VPS because, in VPS, one machine is used, whereas, in cloud hosting, many machines are used. The one machine creates many virtual servers in VPS, whereas the cloud hosting machines create one or more virtual servers. Cloud hosting is a good option for your website because you won’t face any downtime. After all, if one crashes, the other server can work.

5)   Colocation Hosting:

Colocation hosting buys the space for the server to reside. You only buy the area and provide your own server. So, the option allows you to manage all the activities on your website, such as installing any application.

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