Essential Web Hosting terms

admin / February 12, 2020

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Web hosting has many types, and every type has its terms which have different meanings. In this article, we mention every hosting in a separate category and then explain the terms of every hosting in that category.

You will find three categories and then their terms:

          1) Basic Hosting terms:

If you are new to web hosting, then you should understand the basic terms below. You will get to know how web hosting works by understanding these terms; otherwise, it will be challenging for you to know about hosting. 

  • Server: Server is a computer which provides hosting websites and web applications.
  • Domain: When you purchase a domain name, it means you made your website specific. Visitors can identify you from other sites. A domain is: such as
  • Top-Level Domains: TLDs are the suffixes which come after the name of your domain such as .com, .info and thousands of others. 
  • Subdomains: If you have multiple websites, a subdomain gives you the domain for each of them from the same domain name. 
  • Content Management System: The CMS is a software which is used to manage and run websites and their contents such as a ‘’WordPress’’ is a CMS.
  • Bandwidth: It depends on what hosting plan you buy, it will restrict to send and receive the data so many programs offer unlimited bandwidth and other limited.
  • Hosting Plant Terms:

Now you need to learn the terms of the hosting plan:

  • Hosting plan: Hosting plan is a list of plans you choose from. You get a better plan with better performance if you purchase the expensive plans. 
  • Shared hosting: It’s the basic plan called shared because it used many websites with the same server. 
  • Virtual Private Servers: The VPSs resemble the shared hosting, but here every user gets a separate virtual server. 
  • Cloud hosting: It’s the hosting where you get better performance and high security along with scalability. 
  • Dedicated servers: The price of this service is the most expensive. Get it if you want the best plan with the best performance. 

2) Advanced Hosting terms

Following are some of the advance hosting terms you should learn after the first two hosting terms:

  • Website and domain migration: It is a procedure where you transfer the domain and web hosting to a new hosting provider.
  • Secure Sockets Layer certificates: It is a certificate which shows that your website is secured.
  • E-commerce: It refers to the online store of selling products and services. 
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