Difference between a Domain name and Web hosting

admin / January 1, 2020

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Many people are confused about the domain name and web hosting. Many people think that buying a domain name is enough to run a website and start earning, which isn’t true. The domain name and web hosting are two different things. You need to purchase both to get the website running. Following is the difference between both the terms:

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the specific name of your website that people type in the search box to get access to your content. For example, there is a house which we can call a website, so the address of that house is the domain name. We get the address, and we can reach out there.

There is an infinite number of computers connected throughout the internet through cables. To specify every computer, an IP address is given to each of them. IP addresses are digits with dots in between such as 77.456.99.0- Suppose, this is an IP address of a computer which has dots in between. It’s easy for the network to manage these numbers but for the humans it’s not easy to remember every IP address. So, to solve the problem for human beings, domain names are created. A domain name contains words, so it’s easy to remember. So, to get access to a website you don’t need to type the IP address but a domain name only. 

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a space which you buy from the hosting provider to save the content of the website. It can be termed as a house where people live. Suppose the domain name is termed as the address of the house, so the web hosting is the space in that house where the family lives. Web hosting is essential for a website to run and show itself on the internet. 

The domain is the name which specifies your website and the web hosting is space where the files of that websites are stored. 

They are the same because both are important for a website and both work together to run a website. If you haven’t a domain, people won’t find you on the internet and if you haven’t the web hosting you can’t run the website. 

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